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Hey there! 

We're Lydia & Sherri, long-time soul sisters on a mission to infuse playfulness, personal expansion, and adventure into as many moments as possible.

We're thrilled to share that mission with you through our various worldwide experiential retreats. Come explore and expand your inner and outer worlds with us!


About Lydia Vasquez:


Compassionate, playful, adventurous and ageless spirit, Lydia will lovingly nudge you out of your comfort zone for expanding your physical and mental capacity.

Lydia has a passion for surfing that started 25 years ago and she is looking forward to sharing that passion with you. She has surfed in various places around the globe including Hawaii, Central America, Australia, Spain, Portugal and Norway where she currently lives. 

She started doing yoga to complement her surfing lifestyle and immediately fell in love with the peaceful, mindful and rejunvenating elements of yoga. She is now a fully accredited yoga teacher and has 15 years of teaching experience. 

"The combination of surf, yoga and mindfulness can bring a state of relaxation like you have never known." -Lydia 

Lydia lives in Norway with her partner Rob and daughter Annabella.


About Sherri Starr:


Sherri is a passionate, intuitive, and skilled life/health/happiness coach guiding hundreds of clients via personalized calls, group courses, and immersive workshops to help them clarify their future vision, develop self-awareness and mindfulness, take consistent aligned action, and master the art of everyday courage for living their most authentic, fulfilled and joyful life NOW.

Sherri will be providing daily group interactive coaching sessions, as she takes you through immersive processes for clarity, mindfulness and aligned action to integrate into your life during and after the retreat.

Sherri will be incorporating a mixture of teaching, coaching, group sharing, paired sharing, meditation, guided visualization, and journaling for your personalized plan to create your conscious 2019!

“You have gifts to share, a voice to be heard, a calling to fulfill. It’s my mission to help you take the bold, aligned, consistent actions to make your dreams a reality." -Sherri Starr

Sherri resides in Southern California with her husband Lucas and Great Dane Lucy.


Welcome to the jungle! Check out what’s in store for you at our Skip Winter retreat.

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